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athlete testimonials

Ranke #12

Kansas State University 

If there is someone more passionate about teaching the game and building relationships with their players then I’d be impressed. I’ve been training with Jon for over 6 years now, and the experience has been nothing but a blessing. I’ve learned more about the game and myself through Jon more than I could’ve ever imagined. He has the perfect balance to having fun but also working hard. I’m forever grateful to know such a selfless human & will continue to work with him throughout my basketball career. 



Steven Crowl #22

Wisconsin basketball 

I have been working with Jon for about 5 years. He is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable trainers that you will find out there. Making his clients his #1 priority is something that has always stood out to me about Jon, he doesn’t care about what skill level you are, he is always willing to help craft you into a better player. Jon makes it his mission to not only develop you as a basketball player but also as a human being. He has been to countless games of mine and always reaches out, even when I’m away at college. Jon has been a huge part of my development over the years and will I continue to train with him throughout my basketball career!


Mutch #23

UW Stout 

I have been training with Jon since I was in 4th grade. He has always shown up ready to work and push me past my limits. He has taught me many life lessons over these years I have been training with him. The definition of hard work, perfecting your craft with every rep, and pushing yourself past what you believe you can do. What makes him a great trainer is his passion. Jon truly wants you to be successful, and he uses his tools to help you achieve that. I accredit a great deal of my successes to what he has taught me. I now am playing basketball at UW Stout, where I earned newcomer of the year with Jon’s help. I can’t wait to see what else we will do together throughout the rest of my basketball career.


Karlen #32 

University of Marquette

I have been working with Jon for almost six years. He has by far been one of the most consistent trainers I have ever worked with and continues to push me to a higher level every time I workout. Whether it was a 5 am workout or a 10 pm workout, Jon has always made the time to work. He has never been late to a workout and has always been willing to go overtime if need be. Not only has Jon shown his support and work ethic on the court training, but he continuously makes the time to come to my games and check in with me off the court and away from basketball- something that was never asked of him but he does anyway which separates him from many of the other trainers I have worked with. This was the type of support that helped me to go from being an unranked player in 8th grade to a Division 1 basketball player in college. I will always appreciate what I have learned from Jon and will continue to work with him throughout the rest of my basketball career.


Jones #14


I met coach Jon one year ago and I can honestly say meeting him made me a better person on and off the court. Coach Jon is a everyday guy and he trained me that way. He taught me consistency, discipline, and detail, which are good traits to have as a basketball player. I am grateful he walked into my life because without him I wouldn’t have known my full potential as basketball player. I know basketball is a grind and there is not better coach to grind it out with! Thank you for all the knowledge you gave me in just one year. It’s only goes up from here! I will continue to train with him throughout my basketball career! 


Brigid Boyle #15

Wayne State College

I started working with Jon after my freshman year of college. The jump from high school basketball to college basketball was a challenging adjustment for me as it is for so many freshmen, and my confidence was shaken. What I am most grateful to Jon for is that he got to know how I think as a basketball player and became very inquisitive towards that. He has always been honest with me and pushes me towards improvement with every session. Not only have my basketball skills improved, but my mentality, confidence, and work ethic have all elevated thanks to his genuine care and passion for the game and for me. I will continue to train with him threw my basketball career. 


Janeir Harris #10


I first worked with Jon when I was 12years old and had no clue how to work hard or shoot a basketball properly. But just a few months with Jon helped me become the basketball player I am today. Jon is not only a trainer but also a mentor. I was fortunate enough to play for him at Dakota County Technical College for my last year of junior college basketball. Without Jon, I wouldn’t be the kid that got cut every single year in high school to having the opportunity to play D2 university basketball. I will continue to train with him through my basketball career. 


Frannie hottinger #21

Marquette University

Working with Jon and skillsports basketball has helped me grow my game to the next level. In just one summer of working with Jon, I was able to take what he taught me on the court to have my best season of college basketball. He brings a great balance of pushing his players while also teaching important fundamental moves. He knows what his players are capable of and works hard everyday to get them there, whether that be through agility work, ball handling / shooting work, or talking through the game. He is supportive throughout your basketball journey, whether you are regularly training with him or not. He saw a vision for my style of play which I didn't realize, and pushed me to achieve goals I didn't know were possible this past season. I am extremely grateful I get to work with him! I will continue to train with him throughout my basketball journey! 

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